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About Scrogco's Kit.

This product is designed to revolutionize the conventional SCROG system. Designed to fit individually rather than sharing a screen, allowing mobility to irrigate, pest control, feeding, flash, and ext....... Tough and versatile use to meet with market demand.   

It took more than 13 months and 6 prototypes for more user friendly, versatile use, and durability. This unit has been constructed and tested with many type of materials including steel pipes, anti-uv plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum for durability under outdoor environments and rough handling before it was introduced to the market.

Knowing how to construct a DIY scrog system can be a very time and labor consuming process causing many to change their mind. But to achieve maximum yield with minimum effort Scrog system outperform any other training methods while keeping the plant height well under control. Scrog is the most beneficial technique utilized by commercial growers around the world.

This unit provides great conveniences and maximizes yield every time. Lowest maintenance cost, easiest, most productive and effective method to cultivate indoor and outdoor. Most believe massive yields can only be achieved in a commercial grow environment. However, techniques utilized in industrial sized cultivation operations can now easily be downsized.  

Hope you enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards.