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We grow plant horizontally and we grow big plant in small space.
• Productive
Most productive and efficient method to cultivate as it maximized yield      from a single plant by producing multiple tops, while keeping the plant    height well under control in minimum space.
* Maximum yield with minimum effort, minimum plant and minimum            growing spaces.
* Produce large multiple top buds only - less effort when harvesting.
* Increase yield by double or more per plant.
• Efficient
* Eliminate maintaining numbers of plants, mothers, and clones by using       fewer plants to train into horizontal profile to achieve maximize yield from a single plant. 
* Excellent yield while still keeping the number of plants low.
* User-friendly unlike conventional training method can be time consuming and require experiences.
* Most efficient use of the light sources, ideal for indoor cultivate.
* Cutting or any open wound from conventional training can easily infected by fungus or bacteria causing Fusarium Wilt. 
* Topping, bending, pinching or crimping training method can easily             overstress and stunt the plant, resulting slow growth even turn into            hermaphrodite.
* Less ventilation issue because more air can go through Scrog system.
* Most effective way to cultivate big plant in small place.
* Versatile use - allowing more function for the user.
• Conveniences
* Eliminates conventional training downtime. Tying, bending, pinching and  crimping are replaced by steel screen as anchors to keep shoots in              horizontal growth profile and perfectly shaped to make best use of the      light source. 
* Easier training method, require less experiences and time to increase yield.
* Eliminate maintaining numbers of plants, mothers and clones. 
* Time consuming compare to other training method.
* 5 minutes assemble and disassemble, everything included.
* Screen height is adjustable for cultivating all strain.
* Screen height - adjustable clearance 5cm to 79cm.
• Stealthy
* Keeps tall plant growing very short - Indoors and outdoors.
* Maximize yield with Plant limits or limited growing spaces.
* Big plant in small space.
* Keeps plant short and out of sight.
* Buds are bigger due to light penetration are evenly spread.