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Plant that grows with a characteristic called "apical dominance." This means it will do everything to push a single tip towards the source   of light. We call the tip ''apical tip or the terminal tip''. This tips is       also the biggest colas due to their proximity to the source of light.

The tip of the plant is also where a particular type of auxin (plant       hormone) is most prevalent. It's called indole-3-acetic-acid (IAA).     This auxins promote growth only to the apical tip as far as it can to   the source of light. The lower branch will remain auxiliary buds and   branching is not as likely to occur in these places. This is because       the auxin production within the apical tip is too far, preventing the    lower buds from growing out.

Scrogco achieve both:
1) Re-direct the main source of auxins.
2) Tricking the plant to think the apical tip is no longer the best source of light.

By redirecting the main source of auxins, the lower (auxiliary) buds are no longer inhibited. The plant will now concentrate on the auxiliary buds and cause branching to occur in order to get itself a new apical tip, therefore creating multiple tops. 

By tricking the plant think it's apical tip is no longer the best source of light, it will than send the message (via auxins and other chemicals) to the auxiliary buds lower down, that they need to reach for the light. The tip is not removed, but many new bud sites will start to develop further down the stem. Achieving horizontal bud-sites closer light source and creating large multiple tops to ensure maximum yield.

Scrogco's system is easier to control compared to any other training method in limited space. You will maximize the use and effectiveness of your lighting equipment and increases your harvest.